Joe, Thought I'd give you an update on the puppy I picked up in October.     Everyone who has met Tyler has loved him.  However you did the socialization worked beautifully and he greets everyone with a wagging tail.   Taking him out in public is getting to be a chore because I get stopped so often by people asking about him.  He has a BIG personality and is deeply loved.  He's already picking up commands like "come" and "stop".  A few accidents but within a week he was going on his pad regularly.   The vet pronounced him healthy and happy.  No genetic problems, good heart etc.   Thank you so much.  Tyler has made a big difference in the house.  You deserve any recommendation I can give.  

Charlie Newman 

Hi Joe, 

I thought I would tell you that the little girl had a wonderful night.  She really is smart and is already picking up the potty training thing.  She loves her nice soft crate with snuggle toys!  She has already formed a special bond with little John.  It was sooo cute to watch them last night!  I am really happy with her and she is a blessed addition to our clan. Please feel free to email me anytime for updates on this little jewel.  I will keep in touch by emailing pictures of her as she grows.  Thanks Again!!!!!  Barbara Gritts-Miller

Joseph <jcsppc@- wrote

Outstanding.  Can I put your letter on my web site sometime?

Barbara Gritts <bgritts@: Wrote 

Absolutely!  This little girl is one of the smartest dogs I have ever come across, considering I owned the smartest dog ever in the 70's.  She is outstanding!!!  She is something I can get excited about as far as training and what she will be able to do and how far she can go.  Thanks again.  Barbara. 



Joe, Mimi is 3 years old now, adorable, snuggly, bossy, love of my life. She even rings a bell to go outside, only had to show her one time. She loves children and other dogs, people are crazy about her. Me, too. Thank you, Joe. Dixie Sauvain.   

Thank you very much for writing. Can I add this email to the web page as a reference? 

You certainly may. I also referred someone to you a few days ago.  Dixie dixiedugan ____________________________________  

Hey Joe, This is Linda, I finally found your email address and wanted to give you an update on the female Bichon I got from you back in late July. She is just adorable and totally cute.She goes everywhere with me or my husband as he is retired. Here's some pictures.  I told my dentist about her and his wife is interested in getting one - might be too late now, but maybe next time. Anyway, I named her Minuette or Mini-t for short. She goes in for her full shots tomorrow, so this should be interesting. Linda S.Very happy and extactic Bichon owner.

From: Grace B grace@ To: Joe   Subject: Tucker Hi Joe!I purchased Tucker from you in August  and I just wanted to update you on his progress.  He is the most lovable, smart (too smart for his own good sometimes, haha) and cutest dog we have ever owned. Everyone who meets him just instantly falls in love with him.We trained Tucker to use the litter box from the first night we took him home.  He is easily trainable!We are extremely happy having him part of the family and grateful you breed such amazing puppies.  Maybe soon we can expand our family in the future by adding another Tucker in our lives! Sincerely,  

Grace B.