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Deposit Guarantee

Thank you for contacting us about our current litter.  As you know we are currently working on early placement of our puppies.  This insures they have new families the minute they are old enough to leave home.  We have Maltese, Yorkie and Bichon litters coming soon.  You can guarantee you get what you want with a non refundable $100 deposit.  The deposit is required because we commit each puppy to one person and turn others away.  That means the people we turn away must wait for the next litter.  Contact us to select the sex and breed you would like to secure.  You can call 24/7 with questions: (707) 580-6801
  Yorkie Male  
 Yorkie Female

 Bichon Male 
 Bichon Female

 Maltese Male 
 Maltese Female
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